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Wouldn't you just LOVE being paid to play video games all day long? Wouldn't that be fun?

Become a video game tester

When I'm not here writing articles or researching information for you guys, I admit I do enjoy playing a little bit... I'm actually quite a strange beast, there are periods in my life where I play a lot, and others where I nearly don't play at all for months! If you happen to use the same World of Warcraft servers as myself we may actually have met... If you wonder where SeñorDiego may be gone, there you have the explanation ;) But I'll be back, I always come back...

Anyway, my point here is this: I already play by pure pleasure. If I could get paid to do it... Hell, that's an offer you can't refuse! The big companies developing the hottest games out there do need people like you and me to test them out. Actually some of them should do it more, it would avoid those big ugly bugs we're all ran into at least once when a new game is released! ;) It's guys and gals like us that can help make a real MEGA-HIT out of a new game.

Become a video game tester



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