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Lately I have been talking about the income potential from PureLeverage as well as about their Ferrari contest, but... What of the product itself?

The product - and its quality - is one of the main reasons why you should get interested in PureLeverage in the first place, so it only makes sense to detail it a little.

As an Internet Marketer, you're probably using an autoresponder, and you must have an account with a company like Aweber or GetResponse, right? Who doesn't? In our industry, we all need that. And we're all paying for these services, month after month after month. Some of us also use conference rooms and video e-mail services, and all this adds to the monthly cost we have to pay.

Well, PureLeverage brings you all this for $24.95 per month. This is the average cost of an autoresponder account only you get the other services (conference room, video e-mail) also!

Even if you don't want to become a reseller, you can just sign up for PureLeverage and use their services, and cancel your Aweber or GetResponse account, forget about that expensive conference room software, and even import your existing lists into your new PL autoresponder... And on top of that, if you choose to become a reseller you'll even get paid! But that's an option, you may simply be willing to use their tools for your own businesses.

They have recently added a bunch of training videos in the members area. So you won't have any difficulty to use the tools, and if required their support team as well as the Facebook group are here to help you. I've started using these myself and I don't see any reason why I would keep paying various other services...

If you have read my recent posts about the PureLeverage opportunity, you may have noticed that my links... Don't go to at all. Instead, they go to Why is that?

Well, GetIn1st is a complete sales funnel created by one of PureLeverage's top affiliates, a guy I have followed a few months ago into FantaZ. His name is Paul Hardingham (I hope I'm spelling that right? ;) ) and he's one of those "big hitters" who are doing extremely well in network marketing, and if he's doing so well, it's because he's helping his downline - that's in his own best interest, as the more his downline earns, the more he earns. This is why he's created, which is a complete sales funnel composed of several professional videos. I have gone through it myself, and I can tell you it's powerful! It pushes people to sign up to PureLeverage by giving them the right facts and motivating them.

Now, why am I telling you all this? Granted, I could just have shut my mouth about it... What difference does it make to me? Well, I've just explained to you how it's in Paul's best interest to help his downline... If you sign up under me, I'll be in the same position as him. So it'll be in my best interest to make sure you do make money with PureLeverage, because the more you earn, the more I earn. That's why I'm mentioning, because, just as I am using it because I signed up under Paul, if you sign up under me, you'll be able to use it too. So go ahead, have a look at it, watch Paul's message and listen to what he has to say, and you'll see how amazing it is!


Hi all,

I am going to tell you a little story... That's how my bank just lost an 18 years client because of their stupidity! If, like me, you're having a problem when signing up for Pure Leverage because your credit card won't work with them, then you'll like this story as it has a happy ending, and a solution!

I've been at the same bank, same agency since as long as I can remember. This was my very first bank account, I couldn't tell you exactly when it's been opened but I believe my mother opened it for me as I was 15 or 16. And I'm now 33, so as you can see I've been a pretty faithful client! For years, I've had a credit card with them - I have it specifically so I could make online payments. Most of the time I use it only with PayPal and to pay for my World Of Warcraft account, with those, no problem...

Read more: My bank and credit card gave me a hard time when signing up for Pure Leverage...

Hey guys,


I've got something quite extraordinary for you today...

Let's make something clear right now: I'm not really into network marketing. I feel more at ease writing and then selling my own courses. But following the advice of a good friend I've decided to have a serious look at a new network marketing opportunity... And boy am I glad I did!

So what defines a good network marketing opportunity in my opinion? Basically, a good product that people want, top-notch promoting tools, and a good management team.

I saw all that in PureLeverage. So despite my former hesitations, I decided to jump in. And I was right.

To break it to you, basically, you're going to offer a high-demand set of products, which as an Internet Marketer you should already be familiar with - as they are meant for Internet Marketers! So needless to say you're probably going to use them yourself... I'm talking about autoresponders, conference room, video email... You name it! All these are tools that IMers simply NEED to be successful online. Would you say they're in high demand? I would say so... And on top of that, 90% of the marketing work has already been done for you! Landing pages? Done. Autoresponder messages series? Done. Lead capture pages? Done. Banners? Done. Ad copy? Done.

Click here to find out exactly how it works

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Become a video game tester

When I'm not here writing articles or researching information for you guys, I admit I do enjoy playing a little bit... I'm actually quite a strange beast, there are periods in my life where I play a lot, and others where I nearly don't play at all for months! If you happen to use the same World of Warcraft servers as myself we may actually have met... If you wonder where SeñorDiego may be gone, there you have the explanation ;) But I'll be back, I always come back...

Anyway, my point here is this: I already play by pure pleasure. If I could get paid to do it... Hell, that's an offer you can't refuse! The big companies developing the hottest games out there do need people like you and me to test them out. Actually some of them should do it more, it would avoid those big ugly bugs we're all ran into at least once when a new game is released! ;) It's guys and gals like us that can help make a real MEGA-HIT out of a new game.

Become a video game tester



Imagine. What if you could:

  • Play fun games all day long. Games like soccer, shoot'em up, solitaire, pool.
  • Win cash in the process.
  • AND build your Internet business at the same time!

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Yeah of course, it's a dream, isn't it? Not gonna happen...

Well, actually, it's already happening, it's been created by some of the greatest minds in gaming, sports, network marketing, and social networking and it's called FantaZ!

fantaz cardYou can become a part of this rapidly growing market segment and make more money than you ever dreamed possible by becoming an independent Z Business Owner (ZBO) like myself!

FantaZ has the most advanced technology in the online gaming world, by combining the markets for online gaming, cash tournaments, and social networking with a Business Opportunity. FantaZ has a proprietary, state-of-the-art new global gaming platform which is uniquely poised to take advantage of this Business Opportunity by giving you multiple different ways to earn money in this system. It's revolutionary.

Visit FantaZ now!

Note: if you do not speak a foreign language, no problem, then there's still a job for you here.

realtranslatorjobsThat's true. If you can speak reasonably well a foreign language (or maybe are you even fortunate enough to know more than one, like myself? It may not be obvious but English is not my mother tongue!) you can get an online job, and make money from home easily.

 There are companies out there that need people like you and me (I speak French, English and Spanish) to translate their documents, their web pages, or any other stuff that requires translating... And they're going to pay YOU for this!You could be earning $100, $200 or $500 a day translating documents from the comfort of your home, and you could get started 5 minutes from now! Do you know that in the last 3 years, the demand for freelance translators has increased so much, the employers are practically BEGGING for people to help? While most companies around the world are laying people off, and downsizing, the language translation industry is GOING CRAZY hiring people JUST LIKE YOU! No Experience Required! Still, most people do not know where to look for these jobs, and on top of that, most companies might be a little skeptical to hire you without the proper introduction.

You may not feel capable of translating a document to English, if English is not your mother tongue. That's no problem! Because what these companies need, are people to translate FROM English to other languages.

So if you're Vietnamese and you understand English quite well, you will have to translate in the easiest way possible to you, and that is English documents into Vietnamese, and I'd bet you feel comfortable with that!

 So the question is: how do you get in touch with them, how do you choose the jobs you feel you're qualified for, how do you apply and how do you ensure that you're the one that's going to be selected? Well that's where these guys come in. They're going to show you the way, walk you through it. They have a long established history with thousands of employers, and they need people like you.


Click here to get your first translator job

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