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Learn new skills with my software training courses

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A few weeks ago, I got asked by that guy from LA if I would do a series of tasks for him - and he offered to pay me quite well for that... He just didn't know how to do them. So I figured... Instead of doing it for him... I'll teach him how to do.

And this is how it all started... How I got the idea to start offering software training courses. Live, online. I have now prepared several programs, which are all designed for beginners - if you're new to Internet Marketing then these are skills you absolutely need.

For the time being, your first hour is on me.

You've read that right. It won't cost you a single cent. In exchange, I expect you to provide me with a review, both text and video. It doesn't have to be long or very detailed, what I expect from you is that you sincerely, honestly say what you think of my services. This is a rather good deal for you as you will acquire a new skill at no cost!

My status

Course Objective
Initiation to graphics design Learn how to manipulate a picture with The Gimp: resizing / cropping, color correction, etc... Create your first banner and animate it.
Initiation to HTML / CSS Learn the basics of HTML and CSS so you know how to navigate your way into the source code of a page and make some manual adjustments.
Initiation to WordPress Learn how to properly install and configure WordPress. Includes FTP transfer, permalinks, and some must-have plugins (security and backup).
E-book creation This course includes an initiation to OpenOffice or Scribus (free desktop publishing application) and the creation of e-book covers.
SEO Learn how to structure your content, have a good back-linking strategy, what you should do and shouldn't do, do your keyword research, ...

More programs will follow. If you are interested, please leave a comment right here.

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