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Software training courses program: SEO - learn how to make your website rank in the search engines!

Having a website is only half of the journey. Imagine  this: you open the most beautiful shop in the world (I mean the real world), you have the best products and the most incredible deals. Your customer service is absolutely perfect. And... You don't tell anyone your new shop is opened. What will happen?

Answer: nothing. Why? Because nobody knows it's there! Nobody knows how incredible your deals are!

Online, the problem is the same - it is even worst. Because if you open a shop in the street, you will at least see some customers thanks to the people passing by. If you open a new website and don't do the necessary efforts to let the world know... You won't have any visitor.

In order to get visitors from the search engines (there are other methods to generate traffic, but you just cannot afford to ignore the search engines), you have to appear on the first page of the search results - especially Google's - for specific keywords. And to achieve this you need to know how to...

Do your keyword research

What would be the point on working on a keyword that's researched 10 times a month in the whole world? This wouldn't bring you any traffic. Keyword research is also about knowing your competition: if it is too strong, you'd probably be wasting your time trying to rank for that keyword - you'd better find another, better keyword.

Optimize your content

In order to be appealing to the search engines, your content must follow a certain number of rules. If you ignore them, you will find it much more difficult to reach that first page!

Have a good back-linking strategy

Back-links are a big part of the reasons why Google may choose to show one of your pages on the first page of results for a chosen keyword. How you make these back-links, and on which websites, has a great influence on that decision: a bad back-linking strategy can have some heavy negative consequences!

With all this, you should be well prepared to make your website rank for the right keywords in order to attract visitors - but not just any visitors, I'm talking about targeted traffic here, i.e. people who are interested in what you do.

Estimated duration of this course: 2 hours.

This program is part of my software training courses service. You first course is for free.

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