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Review At A Glance

OTO Secret Weapons is an online system that lets you create professional-looking One Time Offer sales pages with follow-ups and additional offers.

You will find the second part of my review (with proof of profit) here.


  • Easy to use.
  • The pages really look professional.
  • 400+ products are provided that you can resell (MRR).
  • No hosting, no website, no recruiting required.
  • Possibility of offering complementary free bonuses all loaded with your ClickBank links.
  • Video training.


  • None so far!

oto secret weapon

You know that whenever possible, I try to test the programs and opportunities I offer here at Well, today we will take a look at a new system designed to let you make professional-looking sales pages, all linked with auto-responder messages and everything you need to make successful sales.

You've probably seen them before, all the big gurus out there have nice-looking sales pages that, usually, cost thousands of dollars to create. These pages are optimized to make people purchase the product, and they're often followed-up by automatic e-mail messages and / or additional products. If you could do that as an affiliate, you'd be exploding your business... But... As I said this usually costs thousands of dollars... Or maybe not. That's where OTO Secret Weapons comes in. This is an online system designed to let you create this type of pages yourself! No technical skills are required, they got it all covered for you. You will find my complete test below, in my opinion this is really a no-brainer.

Important note: this first article only deals with the "pre-made OTO pages" creator. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your OTO pages up and running using a set of ready-to-go elements. The customized OTO pages creator goes a lot further and gives you access to about 400 products. This will be shown in another article in the near future. And I'm not even menitoning (yet...) the bonuses and auto-responder messages.

Read more: OTO Secret Weapons review

animoto logoIn some of my recent newsletters I briefly introduced my members to Animoto, an online movie maker that can be used for free. I felt it was time to make a more complete presentation.

It's no secret, videos are everywhere, and video marketing is something you just can't ignore nowadays. But let's take a look at the situation of the average Joe:

  • He's not into the movie making business.
  • He' no computer geek.
  • Creating a video for YouTube, other than personal footage taken from his webcam, is a challenge to him.

And yet when it comes to online marketing he has to compete with videos made by professionals that look just like a commercial you would see on TV... So what can he do?

Read more: Animoto, free video maker online

As some of you probably know, my original background is in the web designing and programming area. As such, I'm used to making custom website designs. My work is usually more complex than what I'd do for a blog, though... So creating a Blogger or WordPress template is rather easy.

I am temporarily offering this service for $15, while I have time on my hands, which may not last as I am usually quite overloaded. I never sell the same template twice, which means yours will be unique. If you are interested please post a comment below with the following information:

  • The platform you're using (Blogger or WordPress),
  • Your ideas or desires, if you have any, concerning the colors and the header picture,
  • Your niche / sector of activity / topic of your blog.

Free demo:

Before ordering, you may request a free demo version. It will be identical to the definitive template, except that the pictures will include a watermark. This will allow you to test it. Upon payment, you will receive a new version of the same template without the watermark.


  • Standard: includes a discreet link to this site in the footer.
  • Without footer link: does not include the link.

Read more: Custom Blogger and WordPress templates

affiliate marketing 101, a free guide for beginners

This free guide is issued of my 10 years long experience online. I have seen and done a lot of things, fallen into some traps, succeeded in other areas, and so far Affiliate Marketing appears like the best way to go. Only it's no kids game... In this guide you are going to familiarize yourself with these:

tick yellow 50px

What is a niche

And why you should pick one

tick yellow 50px

Affiliate / affiliation

What is it exactly?

tick yellow 50px

AffiliatION platforms

What are they? How do they work?

tick yellow 50px

Traffic generation

Attracting people to your website

tick yellow 50px

Product selection

How to choose the right products

tick yellow 50px

List building

How to build a list and what to do with it

tick yellow 50px

Blog and website

Your online identity

tick yellow 50px

To go further

Various tools and resources to go even further

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