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I have decided to create a separate website for all my software training activities. From now on, please refer to if you are looking for information on this subject.


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Join the affiliate program for my new product called "Realistic" where you can earn up to $50 per sale. Please see the pre-launch announcement here or the affiliates tools page here.


get paid on the internet


There are several ways you can generate money on the Internet. Legally. Honestly. I'm going to give you a summary of the most common ones:

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PenguinThis is not exactly a scoop, the latest update of Google's algorithm, codename Penguin, has been at work for a few weeks now. Its official objective: clean out the search results from all the crap (sorry I can't find any better word!) that was polluting them.

The websites targeted by this new update are all the low-quality websites which they are calling "web spam".

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I've seen a lot of discussions on a couple of forums I visit daily, about getting cheap traffic. A lot of people only think about getting traffic - and of course they want it cheap, and they don't want to make too big an effort to get it.

The problem is, they're missing the point. Cheap traffic is useless most of the time, because it is not targeted. I've proven it some time ago in my article about you can have tons of cheap traffic sent to your website, if these people are not interested in what you have to tell them, they come and go (that's called "bounce rate", those visitors who come to a page of your website and leave immediately). So don't go buy cheap traffic just because it's... Cheap.

If you don't want to have to pay for your quality, targeted traffic, then you'll have to work for it. This means mainly working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • Produce quality content.
  • REGULARLY produce quality content!
  • Do your keyword research. So you know which keywords you have a chance to rank for, and which keywords are worth working on (as opposed to those that won't bring you the traffic you need).
  • Build back-links, and build them naturally (no mass-submissions or alike, there are tons of offers like this, which most of the time can be assimilated to spam! You want your back-links to appear to the search engines as natural as possible).

And this is only for starters... An article about keyword research will follow in the next few  days.

Conclusion: you certainly don't want cheap traffic. What you may want, however, is cheap targeted traffic. And this... Requires time and efforts. There's no magic, no shortcuts. The only other way is to have real professionals do it for you, and this doesn't come cheap.

== Note: this activity has been moved to a new dedicated website, ==

A few weeks ago, I got asked by that guy from LA if I would do a series of tasks for him - and he offered to pay me quite well for that... He just didn't know how to do them. So I figured... Instead of doing it for him... I'll teach him how to do.

And this is how it all started... How I got the idea to start offering software training courses. Live, online. I have now prepared several programs, which are all designed for beginners - if you're new to Internet Marketing then these are skills you absolutely need.

For the time being, your first hour is on me.

You've read that right. It won't cost you a single cent. In exchange, I expect you to provide me with a review, both text and video. It doesn't have to be long or very detailed, what I expect from you is that you sincerely, honestly say what you think of my services. This is a rather good deal for you as you will acquire a new skill at no cost!

My status

Course Objective
Initiation to graphics design Learn how to manipulate a picture with The Gimp: resizing / cropping, color correction, etc... Create your first banner and animate it.
Initiation to HTML / CSS Learn the basics of HTML and CSS so you know how to navigate your way into the source code of a page and make some manual adjustments.
Initiation to WordPress Learn how to properly install and configure WordPress. Includes FTP transfer, permalinks, and some must-have plugins (security and backup).
E-book creation This course includes an initiation to OpenOffice or Scribus (free desktop publishing application) and the creation of e-book covers.
SEO Learn how to structure your content, have a good back-linking strategy, what you should do and shouldn't do, do your keyword research, ...

More programs will follow. If you are interested, please leave a comment right here.


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