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Authors Marketing ClubAs you may already know, during the past few months I have published several books of my own. Some are on Amazon, others are right here at The Library, like "The fine art of S.E.O. for beginners".

During this time, I have been constantly researching and testing various ways of promoting my own books, and I've been a members of the Authors Marketing Club since the beginning. They are offering some very useful services to self-published authors, especially some very valuable marketing training videos which you can access for free. And I have used their free book promotion tool to announce the free promotional periods of my Kindle books on numerous websites, which resulted in more promotional copies being given away. If you have published your own book(s) or plan on doing so in the near future, I suggest you check them out.

petsOk, I must be going soft... I have selected a series of pet-related books recently. Unfortunately I only have one cat book (which isn't even published yet, but it will be), I must say I miss my cat and I'm not too much into dogs so I only wish I had more of those...

Visit the pet category here.

Here is a sample of what you'll find there:

Read more: New at The Library - 02/14/2013

The Library opened only a few days ago, and we already have new books for you to read!

forexWe'll start with a brand new category: Forex, and the first book in this category: The Forex Training Guide.

This will be the first but certainly not the last. The Foreign Exchange Market can be a gold mine, but trading there is not an easy task, and if you're considering it then you would be well advised to read this book as it will teach you the basics. This is where every beginner should start!


Then, we have a new WordPress video series. Setting up WordPress properly and securely has never been that easy, your grandma could do it! Just follow the videos, you'll be guided all the way.

WordPress Know-How video series

More novelties will follow regularily. Please be sure to visit The Library from time to time!

Update: The Library is now officially open, and the e-mail concerning the free coupons (see below) has been sent out! You can read it here. Hurry up to get your free $12 coupon!

library logo


It's been some time since I've posted here at I was busy trying all kind of new stuff. Well, some new, and some not so new or even completely outdated...

I've decided to make my fellow Internet Marketers benefit from all that time spent researching, trying, learning, by sharing some of the best information products out there. I have access to thousands of these but I have only selected the best ones for you.

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Now, this is where it gets interesting... If you're not on my mailing list yet I would strongly suggest you sign up, as my most faithful readers (so, those that receive my newsletter!) will be offered a free $12 coupon during the launch week. That's right, when I open The Library (hopefully in a few days), I will send out an e-mail  to announce it, and you'll get the opportunity to download some of the books for free. Since most of them will cost less than $10 this means you'll be able to order at the very least one or maybe even two, at absolutely no cost to you!

Read more: Announcing: The Library

Here is a little something for all those deceived by Google's AdSense service. In my case I'm banned for life on both AdWords and AdSense for no valid reason - sometimes they reject an ad sometimes they let that same ad go through... And then they end up banning you, telling you that any new account you create will be deleted. With no warning. Go figure.

And I consider myself lucky, I had no earnings in AdSense at the time so I didn't see my earnings being frozen for some arbitrary reason... I know this has happened to some people. And once they've taken their decision... You may as well be talking to a wall, your appeals are either denied or simply ignored!

So... This handy little WordPress plug-in will act much like AdSense except it'll show ads from Amazon, Commission Junction and such. And it gives you total control over your ad space. I figured it'd be useful to all those who are in a similar case to mine. Or simply to those who don't want to bow before the power-hungry giant!

affmagic adsense ebay amazon plug-in

It is rather easy to set up - you will just have to fill in a few fields, like your Amazon or eBay partner ID and such, and then decide where you want to show the ads. That's about it!


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