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Basic SEO Explained
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It is part of my "14 Traffic Strategies" package, which you can get right here.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Why Use Search Engine Optimization?
Chapter 2 – The Basic Link Structure of a Site
Chapter 3 – Effective Use of Keywords for SEO
Chapter 4 – How to Determine the Keywords for Your Site
Chapter 5 – What is Search Engine Friendly Content?
Chapter 6 – How Do Backlinks Help with SEO?

basic seo cover

Affiliate Marketing 101
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This guide is an introduction to Affiliate Marketing that every beginner should read.

affiliate marketing 101-cover2

Table of Contents

Disclaimer 3

Copyright notice 3

About the author 4

Before we get started 5

The difference between failure and success 5

An affiliate, what is it? 6

Your niche 7

Affiliation platforms 8

How does it work? 8

A few reliable platforms you can use 9

Products 10

1) Sort the available offers in your niche 10

2) Look at the statistics 10

3) Read the sales page 10

4) Google is your friend! 11

5) We are a 50 years old company 11

6) Give it a try! 11

Blog or website? 12

Your online identity 12

The easy way: a blog 12

To go further with blogging 12

The best way: a custom website 13

Website hosting 13

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 14

It's all about descriptions and keywords 14

Titles are kings 14

Backlinks 15

To go further with SEO 16

Traffic generation 17

Through search engines 17

Through social networks 17

To go further with social networks 17

The secret: a list! 19

Squeeze Pages 20

To go further with squeeze pages 20

Free gift creation 21

What to do with your list? 21

To go further with list building: 22


How to recognize and avoid Internet scams
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how to recognize and avoid internet scams-200

The most common types of online scams
What is a pyramid ?
What is a HYIP ?
What are RPPs?
What other types of scams are there ?
How can I stay away from all these and still profit online?

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