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I have tested for you, a service that offers you to complete quick micro-jobs for a small payment.
Review At A Glance is a site that offers very simple and cheap micro-jobs. You can use it either as an "employee" completing tasks that are offered to you, or as an "employer". Or both.


  • Rather easy to use


  • Employee: your proof can be denied by the employer for no valid reason.
  • Employee: do the maths. Several minutes spent on a $0.10 "job" means you're working for 1 or 2 US dollars an hour! And the jobs that pay more are usually longer to complete.
  • Employer: from an Internet Marketing point of view, this is a waste of time and money, no real results are to be expected.

I have recently discovered and decided to give it a shot, both as an "employee" and as an "employer" - note the quotes, we're not talking here about real legal employee / employer relationships. There are members who offer tasks and members who realize them in exchange of a very small payment - usually less than $1 (minimum $0.10).

My experience as an employee:

translatorjobs 125Although this wasn't what I was looking for I decided to test this part of the site first, just to see how it looks like, and to help me create the right tasks offers at a later stage. So I completed a couple of "jobs" for $0.10 each. When You complete a "job" you must provide a proof, the proof to provide is clearly stated in the job's description. So as long as you comply with what's being required, you should get paid.

  • For each of the jobs I completed, the task was: sign up to some site, confirm your subscription, and log in at least one.
  • The proof required was, in each case, the e-mail used to sign up and the user name. I'm guessing here the "employer" intended in both cases to verify I had actually logged in at least once as he required.
  • I did sign up and log in, then submit my proof as required.

So here I was, I had completed two jobs and was waiting to get paid twice $0.10. The next day I had two messages in my account, saying my proof had been denied by the employer. The reason: "Please remain active". Now please read one more time my points above about the jobs I chose to do: where does it say "stay active" as a required condition and what does "stay active" means, exactly? I have no idea. So my next action was this:

  • My proof has been denied for the wrong reason.
  • I make an appeal - as every member has this possibility - saying the job description didn't require me to "stay active", neither does it states what "stay active" means.
  • According to their procedure the guys at take every appeal into consideration and you're being asked not to appeal several times concerning the same job

It's been over a week... I haven't heard back from them, and haven't received my $0.20 either. They don't have to worry, I won't appeal twice... Actually I won't waste my time with them I have better things to do, especially for a few cents when the task takes me at least 3-5 minutes and then I'm not even sure of getting paid. Even for 3 minutes, you have 20 times 3 minutes in an hour (20 x 3 = 60), so at $0.10 for a 3 minutes work it's... $2 an hour. Who would work for $2 an hour???

As an employer

I decided to give the employer side a shot before getting the above results. I loaded my account with $10, thinking I could offer simple Twitter "retweet" tasks for $0.10 each and then have 100 retweets... But actually, not all tasks can be offered for such a low price, certain categories have minimums. And to have a tweet re-tweeted by people who have at least 100 followers or more (which is nothing, really...) it's $0.40 minimum. If you want people who have 200 followers or more (still nothing... Twitter gets interesting once you have several thousands followers) it's $0.65.

Since my account was loaded it was too late so I decided to give the $0.40 one a shot... I've been able to offer my re-tweet task to 21 people. And indeed I got 21 re-tweets but:

  • They're not targeted. I have no idea who these people are and if their followers may be interested in what I have to offer!
  • I haven't had any other result out of those re-tweets. My new followers are still growing at the same rate, and I didn't get any clicks on the link included in the tweet.

Of course I had to approve each "emplyee's" proof which is quite an easy process as long as you give them a good and simple explanation on what the required proof actually is. I had asked for the direct link to the re-tweet but some didn't understand - although it's not that complicated - still most of them managed to give me at least the link to their Twitter profile where I have been able to see the re-tweet they had made.


To me, is just a waste of time, for both employers and employees. The only ones making a profit out of it are the people offering the service. In my opinion I've lost several hours trying it, as well as $10, but I've done this so you wouldn't have to do the same so I consider it was worth it. Now this is my opinion and you don't have to agree so if you want to give it a shot go ahead, it's quite easy to sign up and use.

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Posted: 2 years 2 months ago by saranyagmadhu #224
saranyagmadhu's Avatar
according to my point of view.... bieng a employee,it ll be difficult job for anyone....The person have done everything what ever they mentioned,but still the user proof had been denied means,...??? its seems likely bit confuse and time wasting.. even employer also facing some problem same like employee... but compare wit employee, here his/her job ll be bit better.. so we can't tell which is exactly correct..

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