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TOPIC: Site and forum FAQ

Site and forum FAQ 2 years 8 months ago #54


I will post here every common question I may think of, regarding the site and the forum. I'm just posting them as they come for now, I'll sort them later when there are more.

  • I have signed up and am a member, so why do I have to fill a captcha (security code) when I want to post on the forum?
This is a security measure intended to discourage spammers. You will not have to fill it every time you want to post though, this is only for new members with less than 5 posts. So as soon as you reach your 6th post the captcha won't be required anymore.
  • Why do I have to sign-up to download your e-books?
Although it's true I provide them for free, I don't give them to anybody. I want to give them only to serious people willing to do real business. Signing up will not require a huge effort, those who are not willing to do that much probably wouldn't have used the information I provide to my members anyway.
  • Why are there ads on the site?
As you know I provide my knowledge and help to you free of charge, but as any human being, I do need to eat. This website takes me a lot of time to run and maintain, time that I'm not spending on other tasks, the ads are here so I can have a small income through the site.
  • Do you own / endorse the businesses from your ads?
No, I do not. I try to choose them carefully, and when possible I will bring you information concerning the reality and / or legality of an opportunity, like I have done here, I will also help you use them if and when I can, but ultimately the decision of making use of these is yours.
  • Don't you offer your own money-making opportunity?
No. I'm not qualified for this, I'm good at helping people and making tutorials, or finding interesting businesses and opportunities, but I don't feel capable of running my own. Neither do I have any good idea for a successful business of that kind anyway.
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