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There are many nuances to the list above. For example, item #1 means that your insurance agency "From," "To," "Reply-To," routing information, domain name and email address, must be accurate and identify the insurance agency which initiated the message. This roughly translates to the issues with domain spoofing and using fake email addresses, a mainstay of spammers.

Item #2 means that the subject line cannot deceive a recipient from the true meaning of the message. For example, your subject line cannot be, "Regulatory Updates For California Work Comp", while the message within the email ask the recipient to call your agency to buy insurance. And item #7 means that you need to immediately honor opt out requests, and comply with opt out regulations in the law. There are many rules around opt out handling; your agency needs to ensure compliance with all of these.

If your insurance agency has started to utilize eMarketing, whether you are leveraging a simple tool like Outlook or a more sophisticated platform, make sure you completely understand the scope and ramifications of the CAN-SPAM Act. In particular, research the opt-out regulations. Beyond the legal requirements, eMarketing should encompass common courtesy and convey your agency's professionalism. If you are not confident about your insurance eMarketing knowledge, consult with an expert prior to engaging in email blasts of any type.

StartUpSelling, Inc. provides outsourced insurance web marketing, insurance eMarketing and general insurance agency marketing services. If you are an insurance agent or broker seeking expert guidance in the area of insurance SEO, insurance agency social media marketing or insurance agency website development, StartUpSelling offers solutions to assist with the specific needs of your operation. StartUpSelling, Inc. specializes in innovative entrepreneurial web marketing and sales concepts. For more information, read Your Virtual Success (Career Press).

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