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6 completely FREE tutorials to teach you how to efficiently do business on Twitter

TwitterUsing Twitter the right way can make your business skyrocket! You are just about to learn how to increase your Twitter followers naturally - don't even think about buying them this isn't the right way - with this series of six Twitter guides.

Twitter has become a powerful marketing tool. If you want to be seen and followed by a lot of people, you need to do it right. This series of tutorials will help you take a good start.

On Twitter, you can send short messages of 140 characters maximum (something very similar to what you'd do with your phone sending SMS). The objective is to follow people and be followed yourself. Your followers will see your tweets and possibly re-tweet them to their own followers which then gives you even more exposure. This can only be achieved by doing things seriously or you will get nowhere.

In a few minutes, your are going to create an efficient profile in order to:

  • Be noticed,
  • Become part of a network composed of experts and entrepreneurs in your niche,
  • Have successful exchanges with these people.
Title Access Release date Ready?
Stage 1: choose the user name that will make your success! Public 02/08/2012 published
Stage 2: Create a good and efficient presentation Members 02/08/2012 published
Stage 3: Make your profile attractive Members 02/10/2012 published
Stage 4: Customize your page Members 02/11/2012 published
Stage 5: Find people to follow manually Public 02/15/2012 published
Stage 6: Automation techniques Public 02/13/2012 published

With all this you should be on the right track to make money on Twitter the right way. Membership is free, you may sign up here to access the members-only parts. Then visit the Social Media category to find them all.

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Posted: 2 years 8 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #62
Seb []'s Avatar
Sorry guys, I got held up by computer maintenance tasks and couldn't prepare the two tutorials that were scheduled for today. The good news is my main workstation is operational again (it was out of order since last Saturday) and I'm able to work normally again.
So expect the next tutorials by tomorrow evening.