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Wanna know how to get started with Killer Video Squeeze Pages? Here's how to do.

This how-to will show you how to install a Killer Video Squeeze Page from top to bottom. Of course we're assuming here that you already have access to the 25 squeeze pages, if not you can order here. If you're looking for my review of this service, you will find it here.

What is required to get started with killer video squeeze pages?

To get started you will need:

  • Your own domain name and hosting. They won't host your squeeze pages for you, but actually that's where this system is far better than others that I have tried (besides the fact that the pages are really stunning...): you will have complete control over your squeeze pages. You will receive all the sources, the Photoshop files, even the movie in .mov format... You can do any modification you like, put it anywhere you like!
  • An account with Aweber, one of these auto-responder systems I was talking about. The first month costs only $1 and you can stop at any time so there's really no reason not to give it a try!
  • An FTP client to upload the files. I use the excellent (and free) FileZilla but there are others.

The procedure is clearly explained in one of their videos which you can see on their home page: you just upload the files by FTP then using your browser, load the page you've just uploaded. Their installer will show up (see below), and ask you your ClickBank ID, and a couple of questions about your Aweber list that you have set up. Then it'll give you all the follow-up e-mails, already filled with your name and affiliate link (link that their software cloaks by the way! You do not have to worry about having that ugly ClickBank link in your e-mails!), that you just have to copy and paste in your Aweber account. Within 5 minutes after uploading the files, you'll be good to go!

Setting up your Aweber account

In order to use all those stunning squeeze pages, you'll need an Aweber account. Which isn't a free service, but fortunately for you, they offer the first month for $1. So you may as well go ahead and open your account now as the Killer Video Squeeze Pages work only with this auto-responder.

Creating your list with Aweber is a rather straight forward process, you'll be guided during the set-up of your account and your first list. You will have to give your list a name, my advice is to choose it carefully as your subscribers will actually see it when confirming their subscription. Then you will need to create the automatic e-mails that will be sent to your subscribers, and this is done during the next step.

Transferring your killer video squeeze page files to your site

As said before you will need to transfer the files through FTP first. Here is how to do with FileZilla (these instructions are for beginners, if you're already familiar with FileZilla or use an other FTP application you can skip them). I'm assuming you have already installed FileZilla:

Go to the menu File -> Site manager to open the window of the same name, which looks like this:

filezilla site-manager

Push the "New Site" button and fill in the details that you should have received from your hosting provider. Then click "connect". Next time you'll want to connect by FTP to your site you will just have to come back here, select your site - as your connection data has now been automatically saved - and click "connect" again.

You should now be connected to your site, if not check the information you've entered. Now have a look at the middle part of FileZilla, which should be made of two halves:

filezilla tranfer

The left part shows the files of your computer, the right one those of your site (which is probably empty right now if this is a new site, except maybe for a "www" folder which is where you should put your files). Transferring data between the two is easy: just double-click on a file! You can select several files and folders at the same time with the [SHIFT] or [CTRL] keys and your left mouse button. Alternatively, instead of a double-click you can make a right click on the files and / or folders you want to transfer and choose "transfer" in the menu that appears.

Then just wait for the transfer to be finished and you're done! Easy, isn't it?

Installing a Killer Video Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page comes in the form of a zip file that you need to uncompress first. Once done you will have a folder that contains a lot of things - the PhotoShop source files, the video, and a sub-folder that contains all the files required for the squeeze page to work. It is the content of this folder that you need to upload to your website by FTP as shown above. Once done, load the squeeze page in your browser (it should be if you do not have anything else on that site or On the first run, you will be presented with an installer, which will take you through 3 easy steps - really, it doesn't come easier than this, just click on the thumbnails to see each step:

kvsp install1-mini kvsp install2-mini kvsp install3-mini
Instructions Configuration Cloaked affiliate link and e-mails to copy / paste to your Aweber account

Killer Video Squeeze Pages

And now? Well, now you're done! You've got a stunning squeeze page to send your traffic to. You don't have to worry anymore about the page or the e-mails, from this point, it's all been taken care of for you!

There is one last thing you may want to do: test it! The best way to make sure everything is set up properly is to sign up for your own list and try the whole process.

Setting all this up, from the ground, shouldn't take you more than an hour, maybe two if you like taking your time. There's a video on their site that will show you the whole process of installing one of their squeeze pages, basically it's exactly what I have done here but with even more details.

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