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Twitter tutorial, 1 of 8: choose the username that will make your success!

twitter signupThis article is part of a series announced here.

When signing up on Twitter you will have to choose a user name, which will be used when people talk to you or about you. Choose it wisely, your username must reflect your personal and professional identity.

The 4 criterias of a successful username are:

  • Short.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Explicit.
  • Attractive.

twitter create account

Above is the second signup step, which you get to after filling up the first form that is shown at the top of this article. This is where you will actually set your user name. Here, I have chosen a combination made out of parts of my real name, and I have played with the upper case / lower case letters to make it stand out. Since it matches my real name people should easily understand.

If the user name you wanted is already taken, an easy trick is to add something at the beginning or at the end, for example add "Ltd" at the end this will make you look like a company. There are other variations you could try, this is only an example, so use your imagination!

Remember that you are creating your own "brand" in order to be seen and recognized ! If you want to do business on Twitter people must take you seriously. Also, think that your username will be included in every tweet that's addressed to you, it's called an @reply and counts towards the limit of 140 characters. So the shorter your name, the more room will be left for people to talk both to you and about you!

In the next tutorials you will learn how to create a successful profile and bio, including how to do custom backgrounds, then we will talk about actually using Twitter both manually and with some specialized tools. Sign up here (for free) if you are not a member yet, so you can access those members-only tutorials!

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