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Making professionally-looking videos to promote your business has never been so easy...

animoto logoIn some of my recent newsletters I briefly introduced my members to Animoto, an online movie maker that can be used for free. I felt it was time to make a more complete presentation.

It's no secret, videos are everywhere, and video marketing is something you just can't ignore nowadays. But let's take a look at the situation of the average Joe:

  • He's not into the movie making business.
  • He' no computer geek.
  • Creating a video for YouTube, other than personal footage taken from his webcam, is a challenge to him.

And yet when it comes to online marketing he has to compete with videos made by professionals that look just like a commercial you would see on TV... So what can he do?

The answer: Animoto. Here is an example made in about 10 minutes. The process, described below, is incredibly simple: a 6 years old could do it!

Even if you're no video specialist you can do a professional-looking video to promote your business.

1: choose a style (background)
2: preview your style
3: choose a music
4: add pictures and videos
5: add your texts
6: Arrange all your elements in the right order

It doesn't get any easier than this... Once you're done just click the "Produce video" button and that's it! So now tell me, do you still think Joe can't do it?

There's even better news: they offer a free option! Granted it's quite limited but you will be able to make 30 seconds movies that will look better than any amateur slide-show. Remember we're talking about promoting your business here...

Here are the most important features of their three plans:

Lite Plus Pro
  • Create as many 30 seconds movies as you'd like
  • Use texts and pictures
  • 600+ music tracks
  • Download all your movies
  • Movies are in low resolution (240p) but can be upgraded to 480p for $3 or HD 720p for $6
  • Unlimited length
  • Use videos, texts and pictures
  • 600+ music tracks
  • Movies are in 360p and can be upgraded to 480p for $3 or HD 720p for $6
  • Unlimited length
  • Exclusive HD styles (backgrounds)
  • 1,100+ music tracks
  • HD upgrades included
  • White label option available



0 $5 $39

I'm already using it for my business are frankly, I'm loving it. Sign up for free and give it a try you'll be amazed!

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