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How can you make money on the Internet, legally, honestly, without being scammed?

Most people trying to make money online have at least a little bit of money in their pockets, which they end up "investing" one way or another, and most of the time... They simply lose it. Either they think they're actually making an investment (although most of the time, they're not!), or they're buying methods, e-books and tools that are worthless or simply outdated. Methods that used to work but don't work anymore. As for those who actually manage to put their hands on a really good method - there are some out there - a lot of them just don't take action... And therefore never get anywhere.

So how can you work from home, legally, honestly, without being scammed? The trick is to be able to recognize the real good opportunities and discard the scams.


The learning curve

The very first thing you want to do, is to try and learn how things work online. You don't want to jump right ahead and put your money into some money-making system that may never deliver... Most of them don't, that's why you need to learn how to spot the good ones.

The warrior forum's roadmap to richesThere are lots of good guides out there that you can either find for free or buy. If you do buy some, just choose them carefully, and make sure they offer a clear refund policy - because just as well as there are some very good guides, there's also some crap that's not worth a penny. In particluar, you should always be suspicious of the big incredible claims (make $3000 per week within a month from now... How I built a 6 figures income...) especially if there's no real evidence to back them up.

Forums can be a very good resource as far as learning is concerned, in our case the Warrior Forum is almost a mandatory stop. You'll probably want to read this free guide that will show you how make the best out of it - because the Warrior Forum is a huge place!

That's nice. But how do I actually make money?

You will probably end up taking one of these ideas, at first I'd say you need to study them all and pick the one you feel the most comfortable with:

  • Find a legitimate MLM company to work with. They're not all real, legal and legitimate, so you need to keep your eyes open here. A real good MLM company should show you some proof of its legitimacy, watch this video to learn more.
  • Affiliate marketing. That's the art of offering other people's products for sale, earning a commission in the process. Here, need to buy some hosting and domain name(s) for your website(s), possibly also to have a good website built for you if you don't feel like doing it yourself, and you may also outsource a lot of the tasks required to be successful in this activity. One of my free guides (Affiliate Marketing 101) will teach you the basics. This can be a great job when done correctly, but it is a lot of work, and it requires time. Don't give up! This is why most beginners fail.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPA (Cost Per action): here you will have one or several websites with a lot of traffic, and you will earn when people click on your ads (CPC) or "take action" (CPA), like signing up at your sponsor's website.
  • Forex trading. The Foreign Exchange market is like the stocks market, but for currencies. It works by pairs, comparing the value of one currency to another. You will use your money to buy other currencies, speculating on the evolution of their value. This can be a very lucrative activity, but it is also very difficult so be careful! Note that you will find lots of automated Forex robots that pretend to be capable of trading for you... Most of them are just crap, with maybe a few very rare exceptions, and they can make you lose much more than their own purchase price - so be careful with these. I should have a realistic automated Forex solution for you within a few weeks, that's been in development for a year now and is nearly ready, be sure to come back here and check the news soon!
  • Amazon. You may not know it, but Amazon offers an affiliation program, you can sell their products and earn a commission.
  • Selling MRR / PLR products. This can be a very nice activity if you do things cleanly. It will take some money to start because you'll need to buy some products with Master Reselling Rights or Private Labeling Rights, which you will then resell. You will need to learn some traffic generation techniques, and you will also need some selling pages, called OTOs (One Time Offers). For this, the OTO Secret Weapon can come very handy - I use it myself, they provide both the products (over 400 MRR and PLR products) and the OTO pages. They even provide you with squeeze pages (during your learning you will come to understand that these are a must).

Most of these (the Forex trading excepted) require you to be capable of generating targeted traffic. It can be free traffic if you know how to do your Search Engine Optimization - which I can teach you to do - or paid traffic, through Google's AdWords advertising platform for example. If you go for paid traffic, don't fall for those cheap low-quality offers like, you'd only be wasting your money.

Be extremely careful and suspicious with anything or anyone that pretends to offer you an "investment"

A lot of scams are based on this scheme, and if they still work, it's because there always are - and always will be - newbies with no experience that get trapped by their shiny promises. But most of the time, they're all fake and these systems are simply pyramids. This does not mean none of them are real, but you simply need to use your common sense here! A company offering a real investment opportunity must do it legally. This means there are guarantees, rules and regulations to respect, a track record (companies don't grow on trees!), etc... For example, offering a guaranteed return on investment (ROI) to the general public is called offering "securities". And you can't offer securities just like that, in the USA for example you've got to be affiliated with the SEC (Securities Commission), and similar rules exist in other countries.

Another red flag: most pyramids (a very common type of scam) will offer you a very fast return, like 150% within a month or even a week. This is just impossible to do with a real business, you don't have the time to take the money out, make it work and generate a return, then inject it back into the system... These also won't offer any common payment methods (wires, cheques...), that'd be way too risky for them so they will only accept online payment methods. This is another red flag.

In the end, how do I make work from home?

It all comes down to choosing the right offer, the right partners. And for this, nothing replaces your experience. Take your time to learn, and expect to spend a little bit of money in the process - this is normal, and there are no "miracle solutions" or any real "get rich quick scheme" that actually works. And always remember: if something looks too good to be true... It probably is!

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