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A quick introduction to Pinterest


... Yeah, for those who haven't figured it out yet, we're going to talk about Pinterest here...

So, first, if you don't know what Pinterest is - have you been living in a cave lately? - this is a social media site of a new kind. Basically, it's a giant pinboard... Well, a giant set of pinboards, as each user can create as many boards as he likes, and then "pin" pictures in them. Each picture contains a link to the original place where it was found, and also includes a description and comments. Also, much like Twitter, you follow people and get followers - only instead of being text-based you're working with images - and like with Facebook you can like and comment other people's pins, and re-pin them (i.e. create a new pin out of someone else's pin).

Some people seem to think Pinterest could be an Internet Marketer's heaven, and to be honest I'm not far from thinking the same... People like and re-pin other people's pins, now imagine YOUR pins get re-pinned over and over again - knowing most people don't bother to change the picture's link, so if you've pinned something from your blog, well each re-pin will contain a link to your blog... Also, some people won't change the description when re-pinning, so if you've put a link in there, chances are it will remain...

Another interesting fact about Pinterest: 80% of the users are women. Now this gives us a quite different audience than what we're used to as online marketers... This is a totally different experience.

How do you access Pinterest? Right now it works on invitations only. You can request one from their home page, some people get their invitation in a matter of days (I did), others wait forever... Or you can ask me, look into the "contact" menu above, I will gladly invite you!

All this brings us to my final point: like with any social network, you can pin, re-pin, follow people, like pins, comment etc... Manually. A time-consuming process. If you're on Pinterest only to have fun, it's fine - I know, I spend some time there nearly every day, just because I like it! - but if you take it from the Marketer's point of view, you'll get traffic faster with a good automation tool. This is the reason why I am currently in the process of testing two of them. You should very soon see a complete review and test like I'm used to, with screenshots, and everything you need to know how the tool works... Meanwhile, if you like, you can have a look at my pinboards at


Recent activity after testing a Pinterest bot
PS: Look at this screenshot. This is my "recent activity" on my Pinterest account. This took place in the minutes and hours following my very first test of a Pinterest bot, and you can only see a part of it here...

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