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How to use the OTO Secret Weapons to create opt-in pages offering a free gift, and still try to sell something at the same time...

Update: The OTO Secret Weapons has now re-opened to new members. You can sign up here.

If you've been lucky enough to order the OTO Secret Weapons system and their upsell named Platinum Opt-In System while it was offered at the Warrior forum, then you probably have made your first OTOs by now. If not, read my initial review. If you don't have access to this tool, don't worry, they've just re-opened to new members... So here is your second chance to put your hands on it.

Today, I will talk about the opt-in system and how to use it to offer free gifts in order to get signups, and still try to sell your visitors something right away using an OTO... This method is pretty powerful, and actually I've made my first sales thanks to it, proof below:


Using an opt-in box to capture leads and then offer them something to buy right away after signup is what has worked best for me so far. So here's the process, as you will see it is quite simple really.

1) A dedicated OTO

OTO creation, step 3, setting for opt-in pages
You will need a special OTO page that will be used exclusively for your opt-in. This is the commercial offer that will be shown after people have signed up, and it needs to have a special setting, in step 3 instead of filling in a web address, you will choose the second option, the one that says thank you your download is being delivered to your e-mail.

When using an OTO together with an opt-in, you should not give its address away - if you were to send people directly to this particular OTO page, they wouldn't understand why at the end of the purchase you tell them they're going to receive something by e-mail... Also, each OTO can be used together with an opt-in page only once. In other words, you can't use the same OTO with several opt-in pages. But hopefully for you, when creating a new OTO you are offered the option to copy the settings of an existing one... So if necessary, making several identical OTOs is quite a rapid process.

2) Creating the opt-in page

Opt-in page setup screen
For those who don't know what an opt-in page is, here's an example. Basically, it's a page used to capture leads. People sign up and agree to receive your communications by e-mail - as opposed to spam, here they give you their agreement, this is the whole point - usually in exchange for something, like a free gift. With the Platinum opt-in system, you have access to 10 opt-in pages, that need to be configured. You obviously don't need to use them all (I don't) but you will most probably want to have at least two of them set up, for the simple reason that when people sign-up on one of your opt-in pages you'll seize the occasion to offer them to sign up on the second one...

Let's see the process in details.

Step 1: select OTO page

Opt-in page creation, step 1: select your OTO
This is where you will select the OTO page you have prepared previously. This is done with a drop-down box that shows you all the available OTOs (i.e. those that have not yet been used with an opt-in page). Be careful and only pick one you have specifically set up to be used with an opt-in (see above). Note that you will need to generate new PayPal buttons, even if you've already done so when setting up your OTO. If you have properly configured your account, this should be done within seconds as you can generate these buttons automatically.

Step 2: select money-making bonuses

Opt-in page creation, step 2: select money-making ...
This step is similar to one of the steps you've seen in the OTO creation phase. Here, you will select a maximum of two offers that will be shown on the download page of your opt-in. People signing up will see those when downoading the free gift they've signed up for, and possibly click on them. They are ClickBank products, and the links will automatically contain your ClickBank ID so this is one additional way of making money with this system...

Step 3: add a social bar at the top of your download page

Fill this step if you wish people to be able to share your download page on Twitter and Facebook. This could generate more clicks on your additional offers shown on the download page (like those from step 2 above), but keep in mind that we're talking about accessing directly the download page, so this won't generate more leads.

Step 4: add a slide-up opt-in

Here's why I was telling you above that you'd surely want to have at least two opt-in pages set up: with this option, when people visit the download page of one of your opt-in pages, they'll be shown a sliding bar at the bottom of their screen offering them to sign up for another one. Just like the sliding bar you must have seen the first time you visited my site actually, this is the exact same system.

Step 5: install tracking code

This step is completely optional, use it only if you wish to use Google Analytics to get statistics. Personally, I consider that the basic visit statistics offered at the top of the opt-in setup page are enough.

Step 6: add your contact information

You need to fill in an e-mail address here, that will be used in the "contact us" link at the bottom of your opt-in page. I strongly advise you to create a separate e-mail account here, do not use your main e-mail address: since it will be directly shown in the page, that address is likely to start receiving spam at some point. So you definitively want it to be isolated from your main e-mail account. Of course, you can use the same e-mail address on all your opt-in pages.

Step 7: add your own auto-responder

This step is completely optional and will be covered in more details in another article.

Basically, the original objective of the Platinum opt-in system is to offer a complete opt-in and autoresponder solution for the lazy guy: you only need to set up your opt-in page, you do not have to worry about the auto-responder or the marketing e-mails that need to be sent to your prospects... This is all done for you.

This may not suit everyone though, mainly because you are not in control: the list isn't yours, and although the offers sent in the e-mails include your ClickBank links, you do not get to choose them or write the e-mails... This is why this 7th step exists: to give you the opportunity to have your own auto-responder instead of theirs, which will give you full control. Of course, in this case, you will also have to do all the follow-up marketing yourself...

So in the end, it's a choice: you want it simple, or you want to be in control. It's up to you!

3) How to use it

You now have an opt-in page, and an OTO linked to it. You need people to sign up...

Share your opt-in page with the world
There are several ways, the first one being to simply share the opt-in page's address, on your blog, on the social networks etc... But you are also given some powerful options, just look at the bottom of your opt-in's setup page: you can show a sliding bar like I have here on my own website, you can put the signup form directly in a column of your blog, etc... All the necessary code is given to you you simply need to copy and paste it in the right place.

Ready to get started? Get the OTO Secret Weapons now (don't forget to also order the Platinum opt-in system) and then if you need help just post here I'll be happy to give you a hand if fnecessary :)

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