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== UPDATE ==

Please read the comments below. I have removed all my links to Millionaire Society as I do not trust them.

== UPDATE ==

Before starting this article, I want to make something clear: I AM NO LAWYER. And I do not provide any legal advice. I am only providing you with whatever information I have found, so you can form an opinion and decide if you want to join them or not.

So, first of all, let's see who owns their domain... Through

    Maverick Enterprises LLC
    Maverick Enterprises, LLC
    275 Madison Avenue
    14th Floor
    New York
    New York,10016
    Tel. +001.8886982808

Creation Date: 21-Apr-2004  
Expiration Date: 21-Apr-2012

The address matches the one they've given in their "privacy" page which says:

Copyright © 2009-2011 Maverick Enterprises. All rights reserved. 275 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016

Looks like they changed of floor. No big deal.

That page also links to a support ticket system on an other domain. Here again, helps us identify the owner of that domain:

    Maverick Enterprises LLC
    Maverick Enterprises, LLC
    275 Madison Avenue
    14th Floor
    New York
    New York,10016
    Tel. +001.8886982808

Creation Date: 19-Apr-2004  
Expiration Date: 19-Apr-2014

So far, so good. You can see here that their domains have been reserved long ago, and that they've been paid for in advance for a couple more years. That's a very good point.

According to the domain is worth over $66k. You don't reach that kind of value over night so they must have been operating for some time.

There's been a legal dispute between a company named Maverick Enterprises, LLC (plaintiff) and the city of Alabaster (defendant) in 2009. So a company by that name definitively exists:

The next question would be: is there really a company by that name at this address? I'm not too familiar with US companies and I don't really know where to look, but what's sure is that the 275 Madison Avenue is a business center.

I have found one, just one negative review, about a software they apparently have offered in the past - not at Millionaire Society, but some other site of theirs. The problem is, all I've found is a rather virulent review saying the software didn't deliver as promised, but I have learned to be careful: did the person use that software as she should have? What was actually promised? I don't know that. I won't hide that information as I'm not here to do this, but if I were you I'd be extremely careful with it. Everything else seems pretty positive.

Last but not least: I have personally received several training videos that have really helped me, and that have also shown me some online services I did not know about - I will probably talk about some of these in the near future. These were free videos I got as an affiliate (what, you thought I was doing all this out of my good heart? Well a little bit but not only) and although they were given to me for free, they were not some of those useless videos you find everywhere - they've proven to be actually quite useful.

This article is now finished. I believe you should be able to form an opinion, if not, Google is your friend as they say... Make your own searches!

Discuss this article

Posted: 2 years 9 months ago by OldLodgeSkins #49
Seb []'s Avatar
One last thing I forgot in the article, guys...
There's a 60 days money-back guarantee. And it's not offered by Millionaire Society or Maverick Enterprises, LLC. It's offered by the payment processor, ClickBank, which is a reputable company - a company that Maverick Entreprises LLC does not own. So it's not in their best interest to scam you: you'd get your money back!!!
Posted: 2 years 9 months ago by OldLodgeSkins #53
Seb []'s Avatar
Update - I've submitted a support ticket yesterday and got a reply within hours. I've asked them for a proof that the company actually exists, they said they'd get the information from Mack for me and get back to me soon.
Posted: 2 years 7 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #86
Seb []'s Avatar
Ok so, new update - sorry I had completely forgotten about this...
It's going to be a double update actually. And I'm going to remove all my links about Millionaire Society. You'll understand why in a moment.

1) My request about the legality of the company

As you are aware I had asked their support to prove me their company actually exists. I got a reply within 24 hours from some girl telling me she'd ask Mack. One week later, no news, I asked again, same answer. That was one month ago, I'm still waiting for the answer... I am certainly not going to waste my time a 3rd time.

2) The £792 upsell
I've just had a long chat with someone on Facebook who's a beginner and chose to try Millionaire Society. Well I hope you're ready for a shocker...

After buying his way in he got an upsell. At least that's what I understand. £792 for some "software" supposed to make websites. That's a trick that Mack guy has already used in the past, I found some discussions about it when I was researching that millionaire society opportunity: he gets people to set up replicas of some marketing site and promote "their" website... Which is exactly the contrary of what you should do. Assuming you ever make a sale with one of these Mack's making all the big bucks the affiliates get pocket money... Not mentioning that these are sites that will never rank in the search engines, being replicas.
Of course they served him with a demo through a webinar where they were "creating a website" in minutes...

To me this is a scam in disguise. Maybe not the main product but the upsell sure is. £792... I could hardly believe it... I told the guy to get a refund, I hope he'll get it, he told me about some 60 days money-back guarantee so I'm guessing that hopefully it was a ClickBank sell. If it was he'll get his refund.


PS: I'm a web developer myself and £792 is just around the average amount I ask to build a custom website... I guarantee you I work on it, I certainly do not make it within minutes!
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Dorothy #135
Dorothy's Avatar
I have not used services/training.
I have not signed anything.
I do not want to do it anymore.
Please refund/ money back or call credit card company. This is my second request. Please refund quickly. Thank you Dorothy Sittler[email address removed for your own safety, NEVER publish an e-mail address in clear on a public place]
Thank you
Dorothy Sittler
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #136
Seb []'s Avatar

I'm sorry but you're knocking at the wrong door here... I'm not affiliated with Millionaire Society.

Since this is a ClickBank product, all you have to do is to request a refund from ClickBank - you don't even have to ask Millionaire Society, they have no say in the matter, it's ClickBank that processes the payment, and the refund guarantee is theirs. You'll have no problem getting your refund as long as your purchase is less than 60 days old.

So, all you have to do is look into your e-mails for a message from ClickBank confirming your purchase. It should be titled "Receipt for your ClickBank order" followed by the order's ID. There you'll find a link to manage your orders with them. Click it, and you'll be able to submit a support ticket. Submit your ticket then immediately after, change that ticket's status into a refund request. That's all you have to do, they usually process refunds within 48 hours.

Hope this helps.

Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Duke #163
Duke's Avatar
I recently joined My Income Online System by Kim Hoffman. I have just started the affiliate course. I was promised a free website. Today I got an email from Maverick Enterprises LLC that I have my own free website and to click a link to see it. It has work at home cookie cutter look and a place where you fill your name and email to get free information. I have also been getting email from Millionaires Society. Are all three linked together? I am getting confused here. Can someone help me out?
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #164
Seb []'s Avatar
Hi Duke,

I had never heard of "My Income Online System" but that's possible... These guys have had other similar offers in the past, I guess when one stops working they launch another so it wouldn't be too surprising.

Those ready-made websites are usually no good, anyway. What did they provide you with exactly and how much did you pay for it? More importantly what did they "promise"?


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