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I have tested for you.
Review At A Glance is a URL shortener like or, but instead of redirecting their users directly, for each of their links they show a page with two frames. In the top, smaller frame is a "skip ad" button that becomes accessible after 5 seconds, in the bottom frame is the advertisement. This is supposed to give you cheap traffic for your website.


  • None


  • This is junk traffic.
  • These people are on their way to go somewhere else. They're not going to pay attention to whatever you have to offer them.
  • Very low conversion rate.

I have recently tested for you a cheap traffic source that was supposed to be a good solution to make money off your blog or website. I was actually given the method through an e-book I bought. Although I requested and received a refund for that e-book, the money I invested in that "traffic source" itself is now lost... I hope that my bad experience will be of some use to you!

So, the basic idea is this: buy some "worldwide traffic" from that costs only $0.80 per 1000 visitors and direct that traffic to a site of your choice. I have made two tests with 10,000 visitors each and tried directing them to:

The only real consequence is that all this junk traffic has consumed all my bandwidth, and I'm lucky the director of my hosting company is a friend because I have exceeded my quota but the site's still in operation...

Conclusion: don't waste your time with That service isn't worth your time or your money.

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Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Aldona Motyka #129
Aldona Motyka's Avatar
Thank you.I wan't.
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #130
Seb []'s Avatar
I guess you mean you won't ;)
You're welcome.
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by freddy #137
freddy's Avatar
I have to disagree! My first campaign with just finished and my results were FANTASTIC! I spent $20 and got about 200 subscribers - without counting the ones with fake emails. Of course you should expect people to enter fake names and emails. This will always happen.

If people weren't interested they wouldn't sign up right?

So this tells you a lot.

Your Squeeze Pages look great but if your "Double Opt-in" is ON then that might be why you didn't get good results.

In my honest opinion...if you want to get fast and cheap traffic - is your best option! once you get an email list of 300+ subscribers - start doing solo swaps. After you reach 300+ subscribers, you can stop paying for traffic if you'd like.

Thanks for your review!

Great site!
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #138
Seb []'s Avatar
Well, I guess our experiences are different...
I may give it another try one of these days, but I still consider this as junk traffic. Did you get anything out of those 200 signups? Any results on your follow-up emails?

I didn't have double opt-in on most of the offers I sent the traffic to (one of them being the signup page of this very site). But with or without double opt-in it makes no difference, on the one test where I had double opt-in enabled, assuming people sign up but never confirm I should have had unconfirmed opt-ins - which didn't happen, except for maybe 3 or 4 signups.

Edit: what kind of offer did you send them to?
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #139
Seb []'s Avatar
Just to make sure, I've made another test and I was right...

I've had about 130 signups out of 4400 visitors. BUT... Those guys never opened their e-mails. How do I know it? Simple: I've used one of the opt-in pages of the OTO Secret Weapons ( )... There are stats there, I know how many opt-ins I've had, but I also know how many hits I've had on the download page (they opt in to get a free guide). Look:

They've signed up for a free guide but they never went to actually download it...
These signups are worthless. I've wasted another $12 for 10k visitors and I guarantee you this is the last time. I'll be sending the remaining traffic to just to see if this generates some sales but I highly doubt it.
Posted: 2 years 6 months ago by Sébastien Cismondo #140
Seb []'s Avatar
The campaign's over now, as I expected, not a single sale out of about 6000 visitors...
Posted: 2 years 5 months ago by Ron #181
Ron's Avatar
Thanks man! You've probably saved me a few bucks here as I was tempted...
Posted: 1 year 5 months ago by ben #407
ben's Avatar
Just read your experience with adfly and I sure never got
the same results as you did?

I bought the cheapest junkiest traffic from proxy servers. for just 0.40cents 1000 I got 25000?
>>> [link removed - please read the rules]

I've have over 130 optins in two days and still running campaign?

Maybe your optins and offers were not so good? i don't know?
now these subscribers are from all countries all over and maybe
they wont convert too many sales but i only need one sale to make this a profitable campaign?

keep you posted
Posted: 1 year 5 months ago by Seb [] #408
Seb []'s Avatar

That test was made a long time ago...
But still, that's not how I make business. I prefer having real prospects with whom I build a relationship rather than relying on junk traffic.


PS: I have approved your post but I removed the link. Please read the rules.

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